Impact reaches millions of people by sharing the gospel online via our platform, tools and partners.

Every day we are amazed at the impact of our global online network, but more importantly, we are reminded daily that God is at work in the lives of people. We are the vessels that God uses to share His words and love online.

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In October 2022 we have published the very first edition of our corporate magazine. Be inspired be the stories of our partners, the testimonies of our readers and the projects we take. Let’s explore…

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Because of the great work of our partners, has content in more than 40 languages, globally!

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Personal stories

Let’s not forget. Every number stands for a real life person. Getting closer to Jesus every day. Be encouraged by their stories:

“I feel like I can breathe again”

"When I visited your website for people who struggle with suicidal thoughts – I never expected to connect with someone who would talk to me about God. To be pointed towards God’s promises that I can hold onto. I can see now that God will bring people into your life that will draw you closer to Him. My dark thoughts haven’t completely disappeared but I feel like I can breathe again and I have now seen the shimmer of light. I have found hope."

- Anonymous

“I have read the emails with tears in my eyes”

"Time and time again God speaks through your ministry. In times of loss, hurt, depression and anxiety. How often I have read the emails with tears in my eyes because I knew God was speaking to me directly. At times I wanted to give up, the devotionals gave me a different and hopeful perspective on life. Thank you!"

- Anonymous A Miracle Every Day-reader

“My mother’s faith flourished”

Anna sharing about the impact of A Miracle Every Day on her Polish mother: "Because of her upbringing, in a country that was communist, and where church was a requirement, rather than a relationship, my mother could not fully understand the freedom that she had in Christ... As soon as my mother started receiving the A Miracle Every Day emails [in her native own native tongue of Polish], my mothers faith flourished."

- Anna, A Miracle Every Day-reader

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“On the inside I lacked inner peace”

"On the outside I might have everything I could long for in life but on the inside I lacked inner peace. I started wondering why I was alive in the first place. I came across the online course Why Jesus. It spoke to me deeply. After completing the course, I decided to write Jesus an ’email’. To share all my thoughts and to tell him that I from now on will entrust my life to him."

- Anonymous CODEX-user

“Peace began to spread in my discouraged soul”

"A year ago I lost my job and my faith was in the dumps. This morning I woke up feeling like, this is it, my life is over. Then Miracle Every Day’s message came. The topic was like, Bingo! Peace began to spread in my discouraged soul. Hope for life began to spring up in my heart. I give thanks to God. Through Miracle Every Day the Lord has worked a miracle in my life."

- Nobuyuki from Tokyo, A Miracle Every Day-reader

“The Spirit of God uses these online courses to touch people’s hearts”

"I felt so privileged to accompany this woman in her journey of faith. I myself did nothing spectacular. God had already prepared her and the Spirit of God uses these online courses to touch people's hearts. Being an e-coach gives me great joy!"

- E-coach on CODEX


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