Partners works with +110 missionary organizations and churches around the world. From large ones like Life.Church, TopChrétien, Jesus film, Conectar Global Colombia, Arab Vision, Jesus Film Project and DEOrecordings Association, to smaller organizations like OMF in Thailand, who all share the same dream. We share our knowledge and tools with our partners. is also connected to independent organizations as GlobalRize and Billy Graham Association.

Want to become part of our global network? Please feel free to contact us and explore options together.


Effective strategies

Together with our partners, we develop effective online ministry strategies, create innovative tools, and equip hundreds of Christian volunteers to engage in meaningful online conversations in +40 languages. Support teams in the Netherlands and the USA work alongside the partners in this strategy-model.


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Our partners can...

  • Translate courses

    Our partners create meaningful online courses, translate and adapt existing courses to the local demographic via CODEX e-learning platform.

  • Write & translate YouVersion reading plans

    We help our partners get access to the YouVersion platform for writing and/or translating reading plans.

  • Translate and use Sandy Tales

    These are creative videos visualizing Bible stories through sand art. Our partners have full access to our Sandy Tales library.

  • Use and development of SEO proof articles has a full archive of articles and landing pages that we give our partners access to. We also help by creating SEO proof content to fit the target audience.

  • Creating personalized content

    Since measures tons of data, we can help create personalized content that fits your target group like a glove. We hope to have this topic available to our partners in 2025.

These are just a few examples of how we work together. Want to find out more? On our Tool page, you will discover all of our tools that we freely share with our partners.

More about tools

Diversity of partners offers different kinds of partnerships, depending on what you resonate with…

Our Partnerships

  • I want to contribute (Tool partner)

    If you’re looking for options to contribute to (one of) our tools in your own language, then you’re here on the right spot. We would love to get in contact if you resonate with our vision and dream. There are so many opportunities to work together, whether you are an individual, an organization or a church.

  • I want it all! (Lead partner)

    Thinking of setting up a full digital ministry in your own language, but you want to start with a proven framework and strategy rather than reinventing the wheel? Then this might be a perfect option for you. As a lead partner, you will roll out your “own” platform, accompanied with (all) of our strategies, tools and the help of our support team.
    Is there no ministry in your country or language online yet? Then please contact us to discuss this option (only available to organizations or churches).

Explore partnership

If you resonate with our dream & vision and you think you have what it takes to contribute to our tools or run your own ministry as a lead partner, we would love to hear from you! Just fill out the form below by telling us what you resonate with and why you (and your organization) would be a great fit.

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Benefits of becoming a partner

> Become part of a global network of +110 organizations/churches.

> Get your own coordinator. Our partner-coordinators are ready to help you discover our resources and tools and to help you develop an effective strategy that fits your local context.

> Attend our bi-yearly conference. To become inspired, encouraged, and more connected, you will be invited to join our bi-yearly conference and other training resources.

> Receive our monthly partner update. Our newsletter is full of uplifting stories.

> Set up Donorbox for your online fundraising. Donorbox is an easy online tool to help you with fundraising. can help you set up your own Donorbox account.


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Voluntary donation

What does it cost? One of our core values is to give people free access to the gospel. We never want money to be an obstacle for someone to get to know Jesus or to grow in faith.

Once a year every partner is asked to make a voluntary donation. It is humbling to see how every partner considers this yearly donation and responds to that according to financial capacity and the Lord’s provision.


“CODEX helps to meet Jesus”

- Lead partner Norbert Klama from Poland about CODEX

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“We are very happy about this tool!”

"We use CODEX extensively in our online outreach. CODEX allows us to organize group meetings, to do one-on-one counseling or leading seekers through courses. Build-in statistics allows us to see how we are doing in reaching people. We are very happy about this tool!"

- Lead partner Robertas Peteraitis from Lithuania, coordinator of Ieškau Dievo, about CODEX

“Without the professional support of, it would be impossible to accomplish the ministry we are doing currently.”

“The ministry is like a family to me. In 2009 I started posting sermons on YouTube and registered the domain with the vision to have an Armenian version of the website. What I didn’t expect was that I would be connecting to millions of Armenians worldwide. Armenia is a small country with a population of three million, but outside of Armenia, three million more people speak Armenian. When a friend introduced me to the staff of, it renewed my vision for the website and since 2021, we are also sending out the daily email of A Miracle Every Day in Armenian. I’m so blessed to have access to the archive of Éric Célérier writing. I feel that we are led by the same Spirit. We’ve also started online disciple groups and now have 25 groups that meet online weekly to grow spiritually. Without the professional support of, it would be impossible to accomplish the ministry we are doing currently.”

- Lead partner Arman Manukyan from the Armenian versions of and A Miracle Every Day