Tools develops and shares innovative online tools with partners in the network to help online seekers in their spiritual journey. Tools such as appealing daily email series, online courses and reading plans.

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A Miracle Every Day

A Miracle Every Day [+341K subscribers] is an encouraging daily email about life-inspired themes like dreams, doubts, struggles and wonders. Started by Éric Célérier in 2015 in French, currently the email series is available in 18 different languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Japanese. coordinates all emails using the Salesforce platform.

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Ask is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI),  to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Users can ask questions and get personalized answers based on the Bible, as Jesus might have answered. The goal is to stimulate conversations and encourage users to take (online) steps of faith. Ask is currently available in English, Dutch and Spanish.

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We offer free courses about the basics of Christian faith, plus a wide variety of courses on topics such as prayer, forgiveness, marriage and identity through CODEX, the online interactive learning platform [+109K profiles].

Courses can be taken individually with the guidance of an e-coach or together with an e-friend.

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The Life of Jesus has free access to the movie The Life of Jesus [+438M views / +1.4M subscribers] and has translated the film into 32 languages, including Hindi, Farsi, Mandarin, etc. The Life of Jesus is available on YouTube and as a reading plan on the Bible app YouVersion. Our goal with this movie is to release 54 languages and reach one billion views by 2025, and we are developing new tools to further connect with the viewers.

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Already installed on over 535 million unique devices all over the world, the YouVersion Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at The app offers over 2,800 Bible versions in more than 1,870 languages for free and without advertising. is the European representative for YouVersion and connects churches, pastors, writers and speakers to this Bible engagement platform.

We would love to help you with getting access to YouVersion so you can start adding your own reading plans.

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Bible Viewer

Especially for Bible readers who are visually oriented, has developed the Bible Viewer. For example, a Bible verse of the Gospel of John can be looked up in The Life of Jesus movie. The desired verse only has to be selected and the movie starts playing, right from that Bible verse.

A wonderful way to visualize Bible reading in church, or at school.


More tools

  • Websites in 40+ languages

    Our goal for 2025: 99% of the world population has access to content in their first or second language. For now, the platform is available in 40+ languages.

  • Tech knowledge sharing

    We have broad tech knowledge and experience that we can share with our partners, such as how to use YouTube and Salesforce to increase reach and engagement with their audiences

  • Language portals and articles

    To connect with online seekers, we create landing pages and articles to connect with their questions. Online seekers can type in a keyword in a search engine such as ‘forgiveness’, ‘who is Jesus’ or ‘I want to die’, and our SEO-proof content pops up.
    We also create this SEO proof content in order to have a high ranking in online search engines.

    This content is to be found on

  • Personalized content in the Online Journey (in progress)

    Every person and his/her online journey is unique. Therefore, is developing personalized content. We label content in order to best fit the needs of the online seeker.

    As a partner, you can be involved in this process, so you can also share personalized content
    once tested and found effective.

  • Question-Driven Coaching

    On the CODEX platform, via chatbots or our online response forms, online seekers can connect with an e-coach (an e-coach is a real person who anonymously guides seekers in their journey of faith). has developed the training course Question-Driven Coaching (a method that trains e-coaches to ask questions, instead of giving all the answers). By asking questions, the online seeker is forced to think deeper and adapt what they learn into their own lives.

    “Question Driven-Coaching is well-planned” – A e-coach
    “The online course Question-Driven Coaching is well planned and is based on best practice and fruitfulness, so I happily learn from it! It has been stretching because I have had to un-learn things from my previous experience and skill-set. It has been good to receive training and accompaniment from an experienced mentor. He has always welcomed feedback and he is quick to reply to my questions and ‘mark’ my exercises. All this I find very positive.”

  • MyStory

    On the MyStory website you will find personal stories and testimonies.

    Dave: “I met God when my plane crashed”. This is what happened…

    Marjon: “I was so tired. I couldn’t do it anymore.” Read her story…

  • Audio Guides

    The Audio Guides take our listeners on a 21-day-challenge in-depth study/meditation that helps them to grow in faith. For example, the Audio Guide below takes people on a day-to-day journey in learning how to live like Jesus.

  • Prayer network

    We bring help-seekers and intercessors together. Our prayer network consists of +15,000 people who pray on a daily basis for anyone who is in need. More information about submitting a prayer request can be found on our website.

    Would you like to sign up as an intercessor? We could always use a few extra hands! :)

    And if you need any prayers, please join our Facebook group.

  • Sandy Tales

    Sandy Tales displays sand art to visualize stories from the Bible. has produced over 40 Sandy Tales with stories like the Good Samaritan, the Nativity story or the Irish Blessing. A creative way to share the Bible. Sandy Tales are available in a variety of languages.

Step by step closer to Jesus

At, we believe every tool should provide a next step. In other words, the seeker should always be able to continue the faith journey after finishing, reading, or participating in a tool like a Bible reading plan. Therefore, we have developed the stepping stones strategy, where online searchers go from “accessing Christian faith” (Access phase), to “knowing about Jesus” (Know), to “growing into faith” (Grow), to “sharing faith” (Share).

  • How the stepping stones strategy works in practice

    • Minato lives in Japan and is struggling with depression.
    • He searches online for answers like: why am I depressed, how do I get out of a depression?
    • He clicks on an article about depression (Access), and after reading, he becomes curious to discover more about the hopeful message he just received.
    • He signs up for an online course: “Dealing with Depression” and discovers that Jesus can help him (Know).
    • He enrolls in the daily email A Miracle Every Day (Grow), is encouraged on a daily basis, and grows stronger in his faith.
    • The joy he has discovered, he wants to (Share) with others!

Become our partner!

We are always looking to cooperate with people who share the same vision and dreams. Feel welcome to join our team by translating content, contributing to courses, sharing your (tech) knowledge and much more…